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McCutcheon, W. B., Durham; Med. Coll., Va., 1921 1921 1925

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from confinement. One of its earliest symptoms was the rest-

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venous injection of a 1 ^ saline solution. The saline is

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various forms of headache. The prompt relief obtained

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tonsils covered with several kinds of streptothrix. Inoculations

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exceedingly apt to be afterwards attacked by others. Then, again, there

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Case 10 was admitted as a clinical tuberculosis case

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of these to the last phalanges ; that their shafts become attenuated, and

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lished in the journals at the discretion of its writer. With a

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distinct races of the tubercle bacillus existed. In

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and aids in the elimination of sodium chlorid. Aconite reduces

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of London, and Mr. F. A. Drake, barrister, of this city, are sons.

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Times of the day. Next morning, weariness, as after a

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with his blanket and was quieter for the rest of the

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tinually acting spring traction. The very ingenious apparatus of M. Bicord

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bone. The result showed conclusively that calculi composed of oxalate

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happily is now arrested ; for seven days he has been able to take very

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lism had been acquired. It seems now certain that circumscribed soft-

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years I have used only sulphuric ether, or, for short operations, nitrous oxide

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but in quite a number of cases the results have been dis-

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Panastase Lilly. ^.^^ secretions or abnormally dilate the pu-

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completeness of the revision, embracing improved instruction in manj' places,

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in 22 hours. A series of five emptied bladders concentrated the

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In October it was at Taganrog, at the northern extremity of the Sea

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enth rib. I obtained so much space by that that I could see

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surgical cleanliness of the patient's genitals and the attend-

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tracheotomy in croup, which may be prejudicial. Had

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delegate from the Rhode Island State Society, and made a brief

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from the various modifications of general sensibility. The conductors of

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in its characters, and which is very liable to be complicated with severe

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the bile causing this trouble. He has lost seventy-five pounds,

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I will give here an extract from the diary kept by the parents.

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mystery, and there is now no community in the civilized world which, on

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The treatises upon the various diseases are philosophical and interesting,

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Dunbar's Hay Fever Serum, is effective only in ail-

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