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more frequently in j)hthisis than in any other pulmonary affection, and

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be contra-indications to their use, necessitates the employment of other

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Diagnosis. — Laceration of the gums, blood-stained saliva, and the

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degenerative processes in the nerves. Pathological changes at the apices of

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oughly understood in order to appreciate the importance of the methods

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muscle-fibres have never been observed, so that the former hypothesis seems the more probable."

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lated were as fully protected from small-pox as those who had the disease

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ration, and by coldness of the extremities, from which condition the

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elas by older writers it was said to arise from no particular cause. Such

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Parenchymatous degeneration occurs in most febrile diseases, especially

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sion of blood, especially where there is considerable laceration of the

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cularity of the whole kidney seems to be very much diminished ; but here

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Symptoms. ^T he prominent rational symptoms of oedema of the lungs

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96. Diagram showing the mode of production of cardiac murmurs 476

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present, the mass being surrounded by an inflammatory area, the leuko-

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Prognosis. — This, in most instances, depends vipon the extent of the

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a small amount of clear or bloody serum will be found in the pleural cavi-

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destruction of bacteria, and flowing water, especially falls and rapidly

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joint may be manipulated as early as the twelfth day. This manipu-

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but usually only one is involved at a time. The tumor is firmer over the

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During its enlargement the hydatid tumor loses its spherical shape and

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the reduction of an intestinal obstruction, the hips may be elevated or the

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should be taken not to clip too much of the frenum, or to cut the ranine

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often followed by abscess. The prevailing tendency of modern pathology

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laryngeal obstruction increases, the paroxysms of dyspnoea become more

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flesh and strength, night-sweats, dyspeptic symptoms, and not infrequently

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alkaline, and persistently deposits urates, oxalates, and phosphates in

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yellow atrophy the urea is greatly diminished in quantity, and often com-

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and white or clay-colored in hepatogenous. The urine is albuminous, con-

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but all swellings are not tumors. The term tumor is applied to those new

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shapcd ulceration of the follicles of Lieherkuhn, With follicular ulceration