Personal details:


Name/ Pilot name: Stephen/ GEA

Born: 1979, Malta.

Interests: Flying, aviation in general and aviation photography.

Occupation: Student pilot/ Royal Danish Air Force.

Cameras: Pentax A3 (1993-2004) with Tokina 35-200mm and Cosina 100-500mm

         Fuji S5000 (2004-2005) with Olympus TCON-17 telephoto lens.

         Fuji S9500 (2006à) with Olympus TCON-17 telephoto lens.

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Short self-biography:


As you may have noticed on the rest of the website, I always had a special interest in aviation. This started at an early stage in my life. I'm not sure what did it for me, but I always knew that I wanted to become a pilot. At the age of about 4, I saw the Italian Aerobatic Team 'Frecce Tricolori' for the first time. I was rather scared when the aircraft flew low and fast over my head; however I was very impressed and fascinated. I soon developed a dream of becoming a fighter-pilot and flying the fast jets.

Growing up into the teenage years, I soon realised that my dream of flying military jets couldn't be achieved in Malta as the country doesn’t have an Air Force. So I started thinking about becoming a commercial pilot or Air-Traffic Controller, since those were the only options that I had. However, as time went by, and I attended the yearly air shows in Malta, it became clearer for me that I wanted to fly the fast jets, and would do whatever it takes to fulfil my dream. It became more of a call rather than just a dream. At the age of 16, I started flying radio-controlled model aircraft and quickly logged over 1500 hours in about 2 years. Fortunately, my dad was into it as much as I was, so he took me flying them every day, and I was soon flying the fast jet-models. Flying models gave me a great understanding of aerodynamics in practise and I found out that I had talent for flying, so I was willing to take the next step.


So when I turned 18 (ultimo 1997), I decided to move to Denmark with my Danish girlfriend, Sara, who I had been dating for the previous 1½ years. It was a big gamble, and I had no guarantee of achieving my dream. However, I was willing to take the risk. Sara and I got married as soon as I moved, in order for me to get the Danish citizenship, which is a requirement to joining the Danish Air Force. So I soon started learning the difficult Danish language and working to make a living. By 2002 I had taken a High-school degree in Danish and got more than the required qualifications for joining the Air Force, except for the citizenship.

I also took the glider-pilot's license, which would increase my chances of getting in the Air Force and was a relatively cheap way of getting some flying experience, which is always an advantage, when one wants to become a pilot. In 2003 I got registered as a talent in the Danish Glider-pilot's union. This was something that I was very happy about, since there were only about 20 registered talents in Denmark at that time.


I finally got my citizenship in January 2004, and sent my application to the Air Force. I attended phase 1 of the tests in November 2004 and passed. On January 17th I was called in for the final admission tests and made it through with exceptional results. I was thrilled! Suddenly the dream, that had always been “just a dream” got within reach and started feeling real. I was given the offer of starting the course on January 31st and took the offer without hesitation (of course!). If you would like to follow the progress and read about my experiences in the Air Force, you can read the Diary.





I met Sara in 1996, when she was working as a tourist guide in Malta, and I was working as a bar-tender at a bar close to her job. Sara has helped me a lot with learning the Danish language. She served as a ‘living dictionary,’ always ready to translate anything for me. I am very thankful for her help and support. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her.








My mum Anna, my dad Raymond and my sister Claire. My parents also deserve great appreciation. They have supported me all the way, even though it was very difficult for them to say farewell when I decided to move to Denmark. They have always had an interest for aviation. Picture taken during the yearly air show in Malta in 1995.


Myself together with my brother John, and my sister Claire during a family picnic in 2001. John was born about 2 weeks after I had moved to Denmark, so whenever I travel to Malta, we really try to spend some quality time together. Claire is the best sister that I could have ever wished for. I miss them both like crazy.






Aircraft types that I’ve flown to date:


Aerospatiale Tampico TB3

Piper PA28 Cherokee

Schleicher ASK13

Grob Twin Astir

Grob Astir CS

Schleicher Ka 6E

Schleicher Ka 6cr

Scheibe SF34

SZD-50-3 Puchacz CZ

Diamond aircraft HK36 Super Dimona

Rolladen Schneider LS4

Pilatus PC8

Schempp-Hirth Janus CT

F16 MLU simulator

Schempp-Hirth Discus 2A

Glaser-Dirks DG101E Elan

Glaser-Dirks DG300 Elan

PZL- Swidnik PW5

Saab T-17 Supporter