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It’s all fun and games...until someone loses an eye





USAF F16 pilot

Aliens have abducted some animals from Earth and turned them into weapons. These animals will try to hit and destroy AF1 and the president is on board. Your mission is to shoot them before they hit AF1.

Instructions: Use the arrow keys to move the aircraft in the air and use ‘w’ to shoot with the cannon and ‘a’ & ‘d’ to shoot missiles. Good luck, pilot!






Top Dog

You are a WW1 pilot flying a bi plane and your mission is simple…shoot down the other plane and don’t let him shoot you! When you hit him and he crashes, there will come more enemies…

Instructions: The up arrow is your throttle, so keep this pressed at all times, since the aircraft is rather under-powered. The left key makes the aircraft’s nose go up and the right key does the opposite. Use the space bar to fire your gun.






Rock-face Rescue

You are a SAR pilot, flying an S61 Sea King Helicopter. Your mission is to find the people in trouble and rescue them. Some of them can wait longer than others…

Instructions: Left/Right arrows move helicopter left/right, Up/Down arrows move heli up/down. Space bar operates the Winch. Z shows you a map with the injured people



Death From Above

You are a fighter pilot in WW1, flying gloriously in the skies above Europe. Your mission is to shoot down enemy aircraft. Killing the enemy will let you live to fly and fight another day. Good luck!

Instructions: Press P to pause at any time. Use the mouse to fly the aircraft and click the left mouse button to fire your gun.





Test your Geography knowledge by flying a helicopter around the world. Your mission is to fly to the cities that you are asked to find. Now get going!

Instructions: Click on the map with the mouse, to point out where you want the helicopter to go. When you get close to the destination, you will see it marked with a blinking red spot.



Starship Eleven

Fight against gravity and enemies in this game. Not much aviation but great fun none the less. It is like flying a ‘jet-pack’

Instructions: You control your ship by firing your thrusters. Up arrow will propel you upwards, Left/Right arrows will propel you sideways. Collect fuel, energy and ammo cells along the way.