have heard from Jena students that at the time when this case of
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unnecessary days hospital bed occupancy and many millions of unessential procedures.
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which showed themselves three months ago. All these itched to
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The Wing Woman's Successor. — The following is the announce-
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melanosis is found at the autopsy, we must not omit to note the de-
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blood circulates in the coronary arteries in inverse ratio to the pressure
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undoubtedly, in not a few instances produced death; whilst the igno-
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over and Dr. F. G. Chermak, and their appointments are
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, and also on the patient's habits as regards food and
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devoted, one is first of all struck with the resisting character of two of its
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frequently produces during the secondary stage of the disease
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their duties are satisfactorily performed, and the incum-
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Zellen gegen Erysipelkokken. Arch. f. path. Anat. [etc.],
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of the bony cyst of the inferior maxilla, he deduced his ex-
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by hard necessity to adopt the daily caution and conduct of
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cine which we have prescribed, the name of the medicine being in
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ture there is an increase in the pulse, the number of beats approximat-
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acute yellow atrophy, be of inflammatory origin or not, this disease is
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can be no thought and no emotion which does not reach and often
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to me that the most plausible explanation that many cases of
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selves, they may be safely so considered). Tliese documents
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by Faradism, applied externally, and disappeared after a
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milligrammes (2 to 7.7 grains). Practically no clinical reports
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Dr. Larrabee misquoted me in saying that I reported a case as one of
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the pain is excessive ; but it is more especially required when the pains
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of the rural population, adult and infantile, are more gener-
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septic infections extend by lymphatic channels, in connection with internal
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especially in the hip-joint. If they walk too much, there is apparently dan-
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Oaustic— A substance which destroys parts by chemically
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to make no difference whether one or both ovaries are
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the Philosophers, and Terminus of the Egg.' Innumerable ex-
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should be ranked as a distinct species, and paid me
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to wait until the mosquito took a fourth meal of blood, they
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surface of the first phalanx of the great toe. In all there was
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fluid. When the stain is thoroughly mixed with the water the mixture is
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They were then kept in a card-sided glass-bottomed box at about
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■ provided that the application of the serum be kept out
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An alarming rise in the incidence of genital herpes points
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drained as in the preceding cases. The patient made an uninter-
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terms, a segment of dissociated hemiplegia " (Fournier). It is a hemi-
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It has given me great satisfaction where used in many cases. "
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easily forgotten and is accordingly explicitly denied in her
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the affected side. It is a noteworthy fact that, directly after the opera-
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uch maneuvers. He felt that the observations of practition-
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against a large quantity. It may be given by enema, but I think with
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with except by the nurse. There are skylights on opposite
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