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from the original, the material facts and arguments are

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most fatal disi to encounter. Cholera, typhus, scarlatina, and yellow

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in a great many cases, seems to demand the attention of law-makers to some other

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AxoDENDRiTR (aks-o-dcu'drit). One of the non-medullated side-fibrils

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occurred in November^ at Uivita Yecchia^ it is impossible to say ; so

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thirdly, teachers ; after that, miracles ; then gifts of healing, helps, governments, di-

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Sublimation of the Alkaloids, — Dr. Guy has continued his researches

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minutes, it will be obvious that health cannot be enjoyed if this organ is so diseased

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other laws of health are attended to, and alight with virulence in the abodes of

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For the progressive anemia associated with the continuous

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(i/y. Fits and Spasms of Ladies, Tic Doloreux, Rheumatism, Swelled

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Cerebellifugal (ser"e-bel-if'u-gal). Tending or proceeding from

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observations and the keeping of meteorological registers form a part

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proportions: — ^amputation of the arm, 33*3 per cent. ; forearm, nil;

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DROPSY is understood to be a collection of water from the blood in some part of

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of less consequence than ante-flexion, as dysmenorrhcea is less fre-

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left hand. Tactile localization: This quaHty of sensibiUty was

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plasma sugar increased rapidly to 250 mg. per 100 c.c. At the

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rection of which these instruments are invented. He declares

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ance with the observations of other writers. Whether the