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^ilj. In a few minutes more, all voluntary i^uscular motions ceased entirely. When the

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have been supposed to possess the power of destroy-

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Art. XVIII. — On Ancesthesia and Ancesthctic Substances generally; being an Ex-

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might be mentioned with regard to the College of Surgeons.

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pressure and support of the diaphragm and abdominal walls

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for with comfort to themselves and with freedom of danger to

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words that it zi.'as a wooden leg, but doubtless such a

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average taken being 30 grains, with no bad symptoms. In a second case, as much as 3,43S

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loidal property, not at all limited to the cartilage but exhibited by muscle

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least practicable delay. A body of artificers, pioneers and

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tice of medicine; it is now applied by the mercurial practitioners to

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tion of a rat-trap. On the accession of each paroxysm she howled fearfully,

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lary and femoral arteries, to such an extent that the patient cannot

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' gBect ed by Renault, of persons bitten by the wolf, 164, about two-thirds,

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after regular periodic irrigations of the infected left

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arteries are obstructed by calcification or other lesions, but this is not

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anterior communicating. As respects the side of the brain, the left

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A similar discharge is often observed coming from the nostrils, being a

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tered throughout its many volumes of trans- ten cases of wounds of the belly, opening

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a beautiful tower, the top of which is 137 feet from the ground. The six wings,

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much force to cut through it, in direction of its length. Internal sur-

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wishing for time in which to digest what he had learned in the

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treated by rej^eated Tappings : Drainage and Regular

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much more extensively useful in this country, than it could be

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A Criticism. — The object of the present research is to

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a state of dementia at the time of the act, or when he has been under

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ing with cancer of the breast, lip, tongue, and many j them of recurrence. With such results from such an

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ject, and added the remark that the subject before the society

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have not yet been successfully made, so that it is difficult to obtain any light on the

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case was tried in the ^Massachusetts courts, which decided against the

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whether the applications of the instruments produced any change