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minous food, and in these cases even this cannot be
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1 American Journal of the Medical Sciences, June, 1903.
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until it can scarcely be sipped (150 F.), and then put under a
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could never obtain if published separately. It is right that reports,
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the last Congress for heroism in the naval battle of Santiago. Surgeon
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State as a special national problem. Further, it is
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coke bed at Crossness ; (b) the effluent from the primary coarse bed
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County Coroner: Within the last year and a half several cases have arisen in this county
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please send recent photographs, which will be returned if
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out injuring the skin, it is suggested that a wire screen (or net-
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electrodes are transferred to the surface of the optic thalamus. From
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orrhage be set up, at first subperitoneal, and then rapidly
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Monstrosity, cases of, 46, 571; Mr. J. Hinton on case of,
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not recovered, for fear of exciting the enmity of their
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doctrine has come into vogue as more reasonable and more in accordance
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Repr. from: BoU. d. manic, prov. di Ferrara, 1896, xxiii.
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patient will go on during his unconsciousness with the work in which he
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I have here stated succinctly the principles of treat-
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the chest, shoulders, and back ; at other times it covers the body, and has
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made to separate into its constituent parts by maceration in a
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the air-passages are unaffected, the disease is liable to be confounded with
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treatment of patients suffering from osteomyelitis.
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parasites were 2,905 in number, viz., 2,571 cases of scabies, and 334 of
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niied, and has been, indeed, altogether denied by several naturalists.
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water fever might be confounded are — 1, Paroxys-
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case stand some satisfactory examination by at least three doctors in that
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braced the results in the total 40 cases, in order to
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When the trouble is due to a disturbed condition of the nervous
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hectic was not confirmed. My reasoning was, that this. ea:/r«iilcZ2/ quick
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flate ; and in several cases where the swallowing jjro-
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proper and detailed report of the case will soon be furnished to the
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annual meeting will be held in Boston, during the three days
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now belongs to them, or to establish a new clinical Hospital.
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harmony in every phase of their labor as will elevate and make effective
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apparently offensive, either in quantity or quality.
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penis. The source of irritation may be in the bladder
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manipulation, while I attempted to follow the excursion of the bone