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The body is that of a medium-sized, muscular, colored male, 167 cm.
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laski County, Texas County. (In these excluded areas,
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All animals included in the foregoing statement as exported were
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lum shows it lined by regular gastric mucosa, around
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14. Longitudinal section of stable shown in flg. 13, showing system
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the same time another sp..t may be stimulat.-l so .-.s to be ass...-iated liy
Very respectfully, S. B. Bbnj^ett, Inspector <» Charge,
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166. *Mbllob: " Malf onnation of the oesophagus.*' London Med.^
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Koriiial,|i'liy,!i' titialinM. ;iii,iii,, mi, Is, J
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tive tests with it. Individual members of this culture of bacilli
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(26 Stat.. 1089), as amended by the act of March 2, 1895 (28 Stat., 732), and certain
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In order to correct an erroneous impression which has gained some
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always felt that, in view of the lack of availability of
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of operation in these cases. As Lehman® has pointed
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Fig. 1. — The stomach has been opened along the anterior
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Sixth District: Councilor, R. W. Kennedy, Marshall. Coun-
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engaged In cleaning while the work was in progress ; steamy at the end of the floor where
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als.. I.ceii slM.wn to l.e irtate.l in some uay t.. the .levcloiu.icnt of th.
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femur treated by external skeletal fixation. The fracture
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toward this class of meat, and while the inferior grades lost ground
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The Union Stock Yards at Chicago, 111., in which ante-mortem Inspection of live stock
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the words “$8.00” and placing in lieu thereof the words
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the same barn have not shown the least evidence of osteomalacia.
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tendineae are well supplied with blood-vessels. They differ only in
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breech extraction, placenta previa, postpartum hemor-
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have resulted from sealing the tube and temporarily heating the air in
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soliilimi. 'I'lii' ai'lixc principle nf such extracts has lieen isolated in .'i