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thelium, with swelling and active proliferation of the cells.
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crease it, and we mav question whether in a few cases
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Dr. Dieudonn^ has recently summarized the results of this form
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continued dose, by which the blood is practically charged with it more
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possible to alter that mode of life in the majority of cases.
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pain in the right side, was much nauseated, felt feverish and
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render us least capable of resisting their influence. Every
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—Important Features of Different Eye Movement Recording Techniques
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which may be of varying length ; d, the so-called tidal or predicrotic wave ; c, the dicrotic or aortic notch ;
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opens into a single vagina, from which two uterine tubules run
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Artificial Pneumothorax and War Cases of Tuhcrculosis — Dr. Mary E. Lap-
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from the most extensive lacerations, involving bony structures, by the fangs of
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of organisms obtained from infantile diarrhea may be briefly
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The pathology of eertain fatal eases of latent and masked malarial in-
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went into effect on December ist, provide that all per-
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jamin Brodie's on the treatment of ununited fracture. Those remarks
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