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stituted a fairly complete representation of the streptococci. Conse-
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facial nerve ; he supposes that the trunk of the nerve becomes swollen, and
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branous deposit on the internal surface of organs;" in England, some con-
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in its y)assage from the smaller to the larger bronchial tubes. The adhesive-
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the bladder down to the prostate, and on each side as far
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fault of using drugs when they cannot do good that I fear I
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characteristic cruciform shape. Tbese folds have a mechanical
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heat and burning at the epigastrium. Full of insane joy at the me-
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and fell into a bad, cachectic state of body. She complained of
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the blood gradually diminished in number. At the autopsy, in addi-
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In epigastrium and over dorsal aplnea ; 3 weeks later weakness and
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in other zones in the vicinity, which become excited indej^endently.
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tion of air into the pleura, the wide end of the canula is plunged into the fluid
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in the long-nosed guenon {nasalis). The chin of man is quite
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anatomy of the liver is more complete and better defined than the physio-
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personal history. The eruption began three and a half years ago (about
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sensory centres, to which I have prex'iously referred, tend to be developed
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a peculiar earthy sallowness of skin, somewhat yellow
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attended any attempt to remove the disease completely.
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fever who has not previously suffered from malaria and generally much
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but a value of this sort simulo bad in common with too many
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cash receipts totaling almost $12 million; this com-
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marked ataxy were present on voluntary movements ; he could not
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Mercurialis, Martial and Juvenal, as quoted by him ; and
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ably impairs the immunizing power of the vaccine. Most typhoid
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uite superfluous ; since experience shows that these rules, like those given to
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In addition to strictly first-aid measures, in many instances brief
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in order to be seen under a visual angle of five minutes ; the numerator is the distance at which the
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flammatory complication. A sudden and considerable fall of temperature,
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Fatty Degeneration of Heart. See Atrophy of the Heart, 195.
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and then only after a fresh purification. Boys are suckled for two years and two
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may reach the conclusion that even with the limitation of enrollment
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uncompleted. The causes of death were : peritonitis in four (abdominal