in this manner also the lax condition of the abdominal walls could be

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Three weeks later the patient came under my observation. She

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[ubercular treatment may be used, a partial operation may

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tear involved the ring. The child was now easily delivered by version,

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with chloride of ammonium administered in twenty-grain doses

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this complication, in a series of 421 abdominal sections,

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five grains of sulphate of quinine three times a day, and a scruple of the drug two hours

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but one manifestation of a tendency to bleeding that is more or less wide-

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crosis of epiglottis from a case of typhoid fever. Tr. Path.

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cases of pharyngeal diphtheria both preceded aud fol-

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It would appear, from what I then observed, that this kind of fatty kidney

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fell on the 1st, 2d, 7th, 15th, l6th, 17th, (accompa-

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been known and is generally recognized. This increased liability to

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three-eighths of an inch longer than the sound leg.

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Usage in Children. Because clinical experience in children under 12

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It is, then, a notorious fact that numerous parasites do crawl

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We are thus driven to the assumption that widespread lesions of the

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standing did not coagulate, and on microscopic examination showed

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cilia of the epithelial cells of the trachea. The bacilli, by interfering with

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the tube where a small groove is formed (see Fig. 4).' The entire area

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fine head and neck, and sloping shoulders to allow the

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he fell once more into a stupor by six. Calling about this time,

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in thinking that it is a proper treatment, when there is

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To the practitioner of medicine the treatment and cure of the indi-

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brary for even the poorest children of the state be fulfilled, and

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latter has no tinge ; pulse down to sixty, and fuller ; respiration

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prominent indications of most conditions, but not in like

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combined it sometimes with opium, and occasionally dissolved it in

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came swelled, reddened, and painful. She poulticed it for three days. At

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jommences more graduaUy, the upstroke is sloping, andTlie

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" Oalmette further shows that snake poison is rendered in-

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the last fifty-five years regulated the examination of can-

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somewhat sudden descent froia the former to the latter for a space of from

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to the decontamination treatment station, the ambulance is met

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1 iK-iimatism, as fast as the retiring fever would permit the

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ascribed to want of skill, or to lack of power, and after excluding all

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me very favorably. He is about 44 years of age, and

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Dr. Savage has been led, we learn from his preface, to

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with a strange and mortal disease ; and the inward morbid change

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