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the coolies, as to their diathesis, management, and diet, and the
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tlvit in which the blood-vessels increase in size and number.
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murderous hand destroys the innocent, unborn babe ?
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these and other animals, M. Bouget believes that the fusiform
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the first, together with one or two similar instances of the same
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College Hospital, Calcutta, &c. London. 1866. 8yo,
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We are by no means sure that in this he may not do good
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the succeeding two weeks the eczema improved markedly,
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A Contribution to our Knowledge of the Echinococci Endemic in Iceland.
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ditions of health, employment, and climate; provided always, that they never eat
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but, for me, the small number of cases that I have seen afford
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there is a latent period of about y^th of a second (Helmholtz),
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are irregular, rounded, containing large rounded or oval, rather
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terpreted and followed, may be beneficial to my readers. The first was the result
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In the test known as the two-hour renal test (Schlayer and
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with the lungs and their diseases, is fit to treat the patient when suffering from
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animal is an organized body, sensible, capable of voluntary motion, provided with a
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in health, and even in some cases of consumption, the lungs are capable of great
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they destroy the buds of the fig and olive, and even of the vine.
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formerly Radcliffe Travelling Fellow, are exact and clear, yet
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Chromatolysis (kro-mat-ol'is-is). The solution and disintegration
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and cherished belief that alcohol does play a certain part, though
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cases. There is^ however, much practical information scattered
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to the result. We say this without at all desiring to undervalue
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birth^ when a blow or some such mechanical irritant starts the
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a great power of elasticity. Its particles are said to be too small to be perceived
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