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The results of his experiments show that strychnine hydrochloride is about three or four times less poisonous when it is passed through the lungs than when it enters directly into the systemic circulation, as when injected directly into the aorta. The real distinction is between the casual experimenting and iv observing of daily life, and the planned and purposive experiment and observation of science.

Subcostal recession, locomotion of the larynx, and dilatation of the nares during respiration, which developed in a male child soon after birth: classe.

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MILITARY generic AND NAVAL MEDICAL SERVICES. Bozzolo reported five cases treated with serum from rabbits, prepared by a special process dose not described. This was removed and the womb was found contracted down to the size of a small cocoanut, and the cavity of the abdomen filled with coagulated blood, from side the hemorrhage which took place at the time of the rupture. But a sufficient number have not as yet been treated to arrive at a definite and final conclusion as to the value of the treatment: inj.