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^ not suitable for publication in this journal, either because they are

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If there should be a cause to suspect the antisepsis of

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a fluid and globules. The fluid (liquor puris) is identical with the

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blood Bupphed to various parts, and in some degree the rapidity of its flow

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About March 1st, her catamenia appeared, and she was attacked, a few days

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using a cholecystitis, or it may occur in the common bile-

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alkali. There remain 90 c.c. of bouillon; for each 10 c.c. in this, viz.,

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that we must refer the numerous and fatal relapses in the fevers

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Every organ within the body cavity swings with the respir-

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a patient who had previously manifested well marked indications of

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terial which must be accumulated for study. The bac-

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muscular atrophy with flaccidity, and diminution or loss of reflexes, and

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and of the use of the remedies mentioned, the quantity of

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regular busines-< of the Society was proceeded with,

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from behind the pubes. The sacro-iliac joints were not involved.

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contractions of the uterus and one got a better result

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ment of diseases of the nasal cavities. There are, of

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but will rather (I trust) render the student more desirous of

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The treatment can only be symptomatic, and the same rules which

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he said, to be borne in mind in the demonstration of drugs,

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best, therefore, to have a patient go on indefinitely

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cases of chronic softening, a result which Dr. Todd has attributed to the

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of the Council was read, which described the origin of the

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great difiiculty of breathing. He was not in a state to

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Number in Sputum. The number of bacilli which may be found

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