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As to the Committee of the House of Commons, they were told

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The annual dinner of the Association took place in the New Town

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be absolutely a contra-indication ; brain-diseases (including many cases

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of the patients ; the waiting-rooms being arranged for the sexes sepa-

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In his last Quarterly Return, the Registrar-General notes the freedom,

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great peculiarity is in the vaulted roof, the ribs curiously intersecting,

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fined. On the 15th, he had a violent attack of spasm, the eyes being

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Continent. He saw the other day — he believed in a paper by Dr.

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diatheses were remotely in connection with it ; and it was suspected as

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died of starvation. The skin was hard like a board, but separated dis-

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had seen the most intense pain in the tip of the shoulder from heart-

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acquaint themselves with the different forms of Insanity by attendance in a Lunatic

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Naval Medical Ser\nce, held at the London University between the

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we are able. That comparison we in conscience believe to be in our

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should have the least possible communication with the other inmates.

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the invaded regions, or near battle-fields, a similar movement prevails.

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Batterbury, George Henry, (Prel. Sci,), King's College

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I! A Clinical Treatise on Diseases of the Liver, vol. ii, p. 125. New Sydenham

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tiful bay, Nervi is sometimes preferred as a -n-intering-place. It con-

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under the infiuencc of their delusions, and were (juite unfit to be at

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of Medical Education and Registration, we had advocated the main

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counterirritant action. The way to cure a cold, according to Dr.

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and disease which exists in some parts of it. If we study the returns

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the present w-ork, viz., a chronological list of Fellows, commencing

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"That this meeting learns with regret — I. That a Committee of this

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earliest stage; and in the majority of cases they found the piles painful,

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Greek 'larpiis and the Latin medirus. Nor do I know that any other

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ct Cliniques sur la Nicotine et U Tabac — examines the evU effects on the

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means of this instrument, a cyst can be emptied without the least ad-

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case of unsuccessful Candidates, £1 of the Fee is retained.

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liberally conducted, and makes up about one hundred and forty beds.

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neighbourhood to join at once the Association and the Branch. Ap-

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moistened with carbolic acid solution; a compress fastened by a linen

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regulate and strengthen the faculties that they might discover further

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It is to be hoped that the respective authorities will follow the same

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as a Governor, also advocated the system of a registration of diseases in

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drinking. lie believed that no man had ever observed that.

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