by jerseys infested with pyogenetic cocci. Frequent washing and stov-
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Moos, who f jund that out of 6i convalescents from epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis, 38
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tertiary abscesses occur in this way — that the organisms floating in the
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PHTSfciAira In any aectfon of the United States can procure ten quills charged with Pvaa Vaccirx
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Heredity. — Longevity is hereditary in some families, as is prema-
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elements without structural modification, due to a lowering of the vital
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changes here described, local injury is accompanied by systemic dis-
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of connective tissue which forms the walls of the alveoli holding the
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poisons, form good culture media for the micro-organisms concerned.
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are contained. However this may be, it is clear that the property of
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was then found to be a large mesenteric gland which had become adherent
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To sum up, then, an infection leads to disease or death, either by intoxi-
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to be traced ; and a portion of this may be passed outside the body of
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may be cultivated as a small bacillus, as a long rod, as a filament, and
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Action of Antiseptics. — Seitz found that quinine, chlorate of potash,
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as heat, possesses tlie property of decomposing very readily any active
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kept as low as possible, and careful attention given that before complete
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bacterial products have so far been very few — so few as to support the
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which bring about the consumption of food or drink befouled by man's
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febrile pyrexia above all in the absence of those vascular conditions of
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tissue. For myself I have carefully sifted the evidence adduced by
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which the mind is aided in the apprehension of facts. So, at the outset
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14, 15. — 29. Roger- Rev. de ined 1(-J91, p. 169 and p. 500. — 30. Blagovest-
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is to be seen in the result of suppurative inflammation — in the develop-
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ing observations upon the individual qualifications of the faculty of this
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called into action the successive stages of the process are accelerated.
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blood in diphtheria, endocarditis, typhoid fever, or other diseases, always
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mice a marked tolerance of ricin (obtained from castor oil beans), and of
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ments have been varied and multiplied almost indefinitely, to prove the