Di. Mouutt, -On tho Wild Tribes .)f CciitnU India." J. Crawfuni. Esq.,
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the excruciating pain, and there is positively no nausea or prostration following. I
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groin disappeared, but no signs of constitutional syphilis had
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antfrienr. Bull, ot iiieiu. Soc. d(! cliir. de Par., 1899, ii. h.,
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affections mentioned under (b) are followed by tuberculosis of the pleurae.
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a mere memory test. If an endeavour is made to test the
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14 10. Enlistments for the Hospital Corps will be made in the
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binations, and that this is always associated with the taking up
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Varieties. — Two chief forms of accidental haemorrhage are met with,
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Marti.n. " Die Krankheiten dcr Eierstocke (Wendeler)," Leipz., pp. 480 et seq.
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sible ; but the mildest and most unstimulating nutriment must be
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worth while, therefore, to discuss their merits and demerits severally, inas-
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do more obvious service, I must protest against the general and copious
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" So far as the sanitary condition of the grounds are concerned," says the
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us to believe at least that mountain fever was not pro-
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mentation status
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recovery seemed to be complete.' It is judicious to resort to tapping as soon
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^ We have no doubt it will be found, M the ohroniole of death from ohJoral hjdrate
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from melancholia at first attribute her condition to ill health and
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tive antibiotic action both against gram-negative and against gram-positive pathogens . 1 ' 7
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vegetation, surrounded by mud and shaded by the rank vegetation
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The general principles of vaccine therapy are explained by
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Dr. Siegle, of Stuttgart, has constructed an instru-
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of disease in thirty-five cases was between four and Hyq weeks. I
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who had placed at their disposal the beautiful hall in which they
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ordinary tangerine orange was too large to be delivered through
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any relief. The parents then consulted Dr. Thomson, of Yetholm, who, recog-
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real reason why men should be graded in the Medical Department is that
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place of operative procedure. Most of the instruments that have
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fever lead one to suspect the true diagnosis. Finally, in delirium tremms th?
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hospital, and in no instance, so far as I am aware, in a tent."
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anterior third, which on being pulled through the external orifice of the vagina