moved. If the erysipelas were at first apparently unac-
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conditions of the system have been clearly shown to depend upon the
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by the authority by means of such stand-pipes is used by inmates of the house."
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cannot be doubted, but the cause of this condition, heretofore con-
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has recently (1905) made a very careful study of the
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rectum, and testicle, in the relative order in which they have
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abdomen greatly distended with flatus. Poultices were
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cause is often difficult or impossible. This is true in the case of
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is near the vocal speech center of Broca) ; and from the gyrus fron-
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obtaining of a burial permit by undertakers, has been
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pital August 28, 1866. He was suflf ring from an incised
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indicate that because a patient may have received a dose, or even two
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tren performed on one of the eyes of this patient, the same operation
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sions, and renders painless and possible surgical operations which
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seems to have gotten into this section by mistake, so we really have thir-
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ing from below, i. e., arises from the transverse process
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Still, as already pointed out, on Epidaurian coins,
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tension from the hypertrophic kidney cases, and a good
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taking up that which is necessary to its molecular activity and return-
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A normal heart in non-pregnant woman is the same as in
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ing the stomach and bowels with articles difflculty of digestion, or loading
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various cuts.) The actual fall in pressure amounted to 12 mm.
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ptoms denoting cardiac disease ensue. Should the imperfection in these
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This work presents a sketch of the development of our
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Moral," and in the " Specimen ex novo Medicinae Con-
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mittent fevers, spasms of the stomach and bowels, colic,
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surgeons of Devon and Exeter Hospital on instruction
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was not very great. I told the parents that in all prob-
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powers of the mind and direct the faculties, ought to know at
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The Question of Sanatoria for Consumptives. — By Rumpf.
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after aseptic incision of its wall, and the inoculation
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Course. The further course of a case of aneurysm is frequently
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S. — Apply to the external swelling frequently and
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no leucorrhea, only occasional headache and backache; hemoglobin,
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catories kept on for half an hour, and frequently repeated,
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island of Eeil. The details of the two cases, and autopsies
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The temperature had gone up to 105.2** F., there was
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to a radical operative procedure. Some surgeons make it a practice to