panels in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and possibly other states. All Net requires a $250 registration fee, limits

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culty, because a very large number of women have a discharge of pus

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his two hands, so as to keep the flaps together. The surgeon then disposes

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more or less severity of pain continues during the day as well as night ;

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Activity and earnestness pervade the different class-rooms, indicating a


if the patients are passing large amounts of urine, or if present the reac-

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After being put to bed he became restless and was unable


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The statements with respect to sweating and moisture of the e-kin in

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by the action of the blisters, and desired that a third one should be

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of increase in all my subdivisions from the lesser to the

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tion of appendicular colic is so important. This symp-

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Case II. — Cholecystectomy for cancer of the gall-bladder. Recurrence

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it occurs as an epidemic, and, after continuing for a certain time, it dis-

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2 Intermittent Spinal Paralysis of Malarial Origin, American Journal of Neurology

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sidered as by any means conciusive. I shall, therefore, refrain

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increase in the urea concentration of the urine. The blood gave a

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104° F. ; in 13 above 103° F. and below 104" F. ;

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infiltrated, swollen, friable, and even in patches gangrenous.

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products, are matters of which at present we know but little.

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per cent The increase noted in three cases might perhaps

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quantity of bacteria^ inoculated. Bacterid artificially raised are capa-

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hard, helping his father, who is a mason. He perspired freely, and

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nosis as well as in regard to treatment. The case is

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Dr. H. G. Adamson : I do not think this condition is tuberculosis. The

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would give place to displacements, prolapse, &c. There

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Most writers on pya?mia speak of despondency, irritability and

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it, when we consider that gas is not dangerous, and it relieves the

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The question of exciting causes is only a very small part of the primary

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tion, in spite of the vast number of visitors continually

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forms, with single axis-cylinders and numerous dendrites. Below this is

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The blood corpuscles had undergone remarkable changes. They were shriTelled and

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The reflexes, especially the knee-jerks, may be retained and soon

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but also of the sciatic, the crural, the intercostal nerves, etc.

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ment, and after the first series of six powders of santonine felt

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owing to incessant muscular twitchings which came on when sleep was

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This may be obtained in different ways : in patients who are too weak for

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