The RDAF pilot applicant tests



In order to start the training as pilot in the Royal Danish Air Force, one has to go through this procedure. At first it might seem impossible… but nothing is! Take a look, and see if you’ve got what it takes.








General requirements:


Anyone fulfilling these requirements can apply as pilot in the Air Force. When the application has been accepted, you will be called in for the initial tests. The initial tests take 2 days and are done at a computer.


The initial tests:


All of these tests are time-limited, so you have to work fast and accurate. Only about 20% of the applicants make it through the initial tests. They will be called in for the advanced tests, which also last 2 days.


The advanced tests:


The interview with the psychologist lasts anything from ½ to 1½ hours. He wants to find out who you are, what your interests are, how you react to stress and pressure, and find out what kind of a personality you have. The interview weighs heavily when the commision has to decide whether you are ‘fit’ for the education and job as a fighter-pilot.

When you’re done with the advanced test, you will be called in to a commision to get to know whether you go on or whether you go home.


The commision:

The team is as minimum made up of an instructor pilot from the Air Force, a psychologist and the person in charge of the initial tests. They will tell you whether you’ve been found eligible to enroll as a student pilot. If not, you will be given a good reason for the rejection. About 50% of the remaining applicants make it through the advanced tests and the commision.


If you make it through the commision, you will be sent to the hospital for 2 days of medical checks (Class 1 medical for military pilots). If you pass the medical, you fill in some papers and hope that your security clearance goes through…

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve done well indeed!


General Statistics:

In Denmark there are about 400 applicants every year as pilot in the Air Force.

About 20% of them will make it through the initial tests (about 80).

About 50% of the remaining will make it through the advanced tests (about 40).

So all in all, about 10% of the applicants are found eligible.

Those eligible will be put on a waiting list, where the best ones will have first right to start on the course.


When I applied, the course had been closed for 2-3 years due to budget cuts in the military. During that time, people still sent their applications, so there were about 1200 applications to be sorted out. 100 of the applicants were found eligible through the tests, and 12 of them got the chance to start in January 2005, myself being one of the 12. So in this case, only about 1% came through.


Making it through all the above mentioned doesn’t mean that you will become a pilot. Only about 40% are expected to make it through the RDAF flying school! As you can see, you have to be the elite to make it all the way. Really the best of the best. Good luck! Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way…


Stephen Galea