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Childhood dream turning into reality


Stephen Galea has dreamt of becoming a pilot since he saw the Italian aerobatic

team at an airshow at the age of 4.


“I wasn’t that old, so at first I was actually a bit scared because they were so loud,

but when I found out that there was actually a person inside the aircraft, I just knew

that that’s what I wanted to become.”

There was just one problem. Stephen comes from Malta where they don’t have

any jet fighters. So for many years it seemed as if the dream would always be just a


Then he met Sara. She lived in Denmark and as their relationship developed, he finally

moved here in 1997. And suddenly the childhood dream was within reach.

“First I learned the language and as soon as I became Danish citizen in 2004 I applied

to become pilot in the Air Force.”

Stephen came through the needle’s eye and right now he’s on job training for 4 months

at 730 squadron at Fighter-wing Skrydstrup, just until he starts on the Officer Academy

in October. After that, it’s on to Canada for the actual pilot training.

“It’s like being in heaven and now we have an airshow too, so things couldn’t be better

for me. I enjoy being here, having the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for aviation

with all these people and it’s great when they have the same interest.”


You can meet Stephen at 730 squadron’s stand where he can answer all of your

questions and show you the F16.