the human subject could teach more. The second volume begins
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character, its proximity to the Legislature and to the State Medical
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of rectal diseases exclusively, I am forced to differ from so
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just beyond the nipple in the fifth interspace. Second pulmonic
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it is parallel with the surface. Dendrites, which frequently anas-
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Some chapters are given to injuries of nerves without external wound,
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or maniacal at times ; emotional, hysterical, and noisy ; no delusions.
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entire mass telescoped up into the ascending colon — an ileo-caecal
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"In regard to gall stones, I believe that gall stones are surgical diseases
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the back. This pain then disappeared and was not repeated.
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operations. It is a mistake to suppose that a uterus not in actual labor
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A very natural question in connection -with this whole matter
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in those structures as compared with the conditions which exist in later
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wall ; the posterior parietal bone and the posterior ear present them-
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interposition of some muscle which thereby prevents union. I cannot
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served 93 cases, and numerous instances are reported in the literature. Its
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such instruction is obtainable, books like this must hold the first place
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murs emanating from the aorta as follows: (Jos. Skoda, 2te Auflage,
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depends upon some trouble commencing in the appendix. The sex and the
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in its course and effects ; pyrexia and emaciation are steadily progressive,
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In accordance with the decision of the Ninth Congress at Washington,
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fit," led the author to believe this case to be admixed with hysteria.
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foundness of the narcosis, so the effect of contributing to the
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accounts for the ulcer in this case. A pin has been passed through
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an accomplished fact which must be reckoned with ; for example :
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meeting for saying that the rich man gets better medical treatment
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ent upon the rheumatic diathesis. We find the same patholog-
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only rests now upon the percentage of such cases, and the writer
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in our knowledge than defect in our method of examination or
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heavy silk ligature, and at a point just above the internal sphinc-
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suppurative cholangitis, and we do not see the remarkable deepening in color
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apparently hopeless condition than that of the so-considered benign
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The treatment of cicatricial stenosis at the present time falls
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respect to its revenue. United States v. Doremus (W. D., Tex.,
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*^ The skin on each side of the opening is caught up in a fold,
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gives several cases, while admitting that it is rare for such union to
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monograph the affection has been noted and described by a sufficient
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which the patient was speedily transferred. Very few of us can venture
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new and active remedies. The classes of drugs included under the hypnotics
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I think it would be a rather broad statement to say that State
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with Z, Y and X. Having deliberately chosen and proceeded upon
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cause uncertain — loss continuing, even reach ten per cent of his usual
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responsible. The exitus occurred at 4:15 a. m. of August 31st.
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Dover's powder should be given. If, on the other hand, there are exhausting