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by the inclined- plane position or that described by AVolfen-
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Morphine, as we all know, masks the symptoms, affords a sense of
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comfort and convenience. All our sanitary and police Acts make the
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Cat No. 1. — This cat was fed on normal goat's milk ; it then under-
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posing substances have been eliminated, proper feeding and
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great amount of testimony was taken in St. Louis, Kansas City,
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bismuth powder, may be employed. In later stages, astringents, such
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semicircles, or crescents (E. circinatum). The outline of the lesions is
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also dilated, an additional cause of engorgement of the veins and im-
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on account of the bronchitis. No alcoholic stimulant was given at any
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ation was performed for the second time in America,
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the forearm and hand; if it is the flexors of the forearm, the elbow
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Realizing the truth contained in this paragraph, it is appar-
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determined. In all these cases — and all were apparently successfully
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irregular horizontal direction posteriorly. Two of these latter
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pus, in addition to the former quantity, had been removed from her uterus,
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strongly agglutinates the colon-bacillus, one niiglit be in-
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depends on their nervous connection with the brain." That is, the corners of
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prohibits their return until the case is well, and the premises fumigated
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powder, but after a short time she had profuse hematemesis,
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needle with a quick thrust. There is in many cases no pain
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attend the meeting and lend their assistance in making it of unu=-ual
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nected with the brain ; and great irregularity in the
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Topics of Interest to Students and Practitioners, by
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may extend over 5 weeks with the result of lowering all
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the annual festival at Epsom College. The President, Earl
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Young, L. L., passed assistant surgeon, ordered to be examined at
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garlh,* both with respect to the small-pox and to scarlatina, that
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Cholera is a disease whose causes are as inscrutable as are
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as derivatives from this important factor. In the treatment of
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a strong open ring of tissue, with firm everted lips, and from it the ducts
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sen, und zwar (a) die grosse Eind -bremse {Tahanui bovinus), (b) die
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been discarded was responsible for the fatal result ; in
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all rest upon too uncertain a foundation. Until we have more positive knowl-
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Qow superficial bums over the region of the abdomen.
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acter, except perhaps one boy, 13^ years old, who died
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predominantly of abduction and extension, but these do not prevent a
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and to St. Luke's Dispensary. In 1878 he removed to