Doctors Brande, Thomson, Paris, and others, consider the
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cerebro-spinal (third and fourth sacral nerves) and sympathetic.
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without any jerk or sudden motion, and the limb brought down
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interests, that we have been accused, by the urbane senior of the u Penin-
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case, must surely have been " substituted for the Creator."
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minish, and in eight minutes had almost disappeared. Belief
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cealed, and connected with the main one by an orifice i of an inch
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tionary of Quotations ?) rebound, with ten-fold potency, upon
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Here, after having spoken with characteristic clearness of the con-
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ment of a large class of neuralgic affections, and diseases of a kindred
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The precipitate of cinchonia red, and resinous matter,
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results have been realized from the use of Hyd. Potass, and Sarsaparilla
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of certainty in our practice. To prove that it deserves our most
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acquired celebrity from such names as Cacsarius, who became an
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theory, in his Treatise on the Organization of Plants. He
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an important office of the liver. Well, then the conclusion
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*** The Result is — Respiration ; — and, if not too late, — Life !
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influence of the so-called " vital power" has been acquired.
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occurring at intervals, and the flow continued for scarcely one
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experience with this disease in adults leads him to call special
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on the treatment of poisoned wounds by the application of cupping glasses
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employed the same method of anaesthesia, the painful incisions
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expertness in answering questions," in order that the u grinding pro-
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and the outline of the lesion is more sharply denned,
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When the ulceration ceases healing under the periodical cauterizations, it
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sanction of learned authority for the conclusion that it is, in
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show how efficacious are its effects in these troublesome affections.
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cent, of it — the balance being alcohol, water and sugar. It
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greater excitability or mobility to the general system, but dimin-
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vesical triangle, through which every drop of urine escaped from
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1. Penetrating wounds of the ciliary region, accom-