Two Cases of Analogous Affections, by William Lawrence,
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Med. Ofl'. Local Gov. Bd. 189.3-6, Lond., 1897, 49-52.
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the great majority of instances, the organic disease present was
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wherever possible. These cases, so distressing in appearance, result
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posed into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Neither Pasteur's Micro-
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colors. Ten different solutions of carmin are prepared:
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that the formation of the pigment stands in close relation with the jaun-
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the existence of gastric ulcer, the latter being latent as regards the diag-
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the hospital, April 12, 1921, complaining of having had asthma
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teaching in the vacation months of August and September. A greater
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lymphatic temperament. Menstruation had always been profuse, especially if
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In the larynx, trachea and larger bronchi, the epidemic of cynancho
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made her feel more comfortable. In the evening, when
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On March 9th, his general condition being favorable, I
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quantities. It appears to reduce the feeling of hunger and
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the claw, and therefore, as there are two jaws, a centipede-bite will
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ly prepared food, and food of a bad quality, with no margin of
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had been; at worst, he suffered eternal torments. Elysium was a far
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syphilis is usually remote, and often it has been seemingly slight — a
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^Koften when in doubt as to a supposed tumour, the bowels are
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be able to learn to use it with satisfaction. In the first
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watched the effects with the most attentive scrutiny. In an hour from
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in swallowing, or the patient coughs on or after taking liquids or
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quence lias fallen for over three months ; many crops
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laggi circondanti la citta di Aosta. Gior. d. r. Accad.
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lectures, can your faculty of reasoning be trained.
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juctiva, in which latter case a conjunctivitis might pos-
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pathologic histology of the two diseases as seen post mortem are