rates in civil life, for the purpose of comparison, it is not easy to determine. It
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of these cases there is tenderness upon pressure over the spine.
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am glad to fijet my accounts so compactly collected
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monia, foot and mouth disease, anthrax, glanders, erysi-
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tube was 3 cm. in length, 7 mm. in diameter, stony hard in consistence,
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pigment in all the parasites from 3 to 8. (Compare size of the erythrocytes
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On tbe fourth day the patient was given a copious injection
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dried pressed yeast, three remained quite healthy for 95 days and even
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recommended by Maas, and the technic was worked out by Schmidt, Payr, Kocher,
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completeness of the revision, embracing improved instruction in manj' places,
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innovation in reorganizing the Association was the establish-
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relapsing, and typhoid fever. In the case of the last-named disease
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known quantity. In the following table are given the radium
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portion of this street correspondiug with the ditch. On
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quinine-resistent. In two-thirds of acute cases it is
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treatment should receive the most skilled attention, for if not
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told to take light food in sufficient quantity, and re-
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Derivation. — Nitric acid, 180 ; hydrochloric acid, 820. Chemical
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they were permanent grand viziers, and it was largely if
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regular and correct personal habits, in his buoyant and
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indicating a predilection of the toxin for certain neurones, and
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another chance of giving the individual a normal testicle. If both
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son River, about a mile south of the railroad station.
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untouclied the genitalia are frequently affected, and vice verm.
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larger tropical scorpions cause very intense pain of a burning
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pass up from the calyces to the Malpighian body, and those lining the expand-
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panying its use. Rapid habituation also ensues, and in some patients
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to Fig. 1 shows that atrophy of this fine plexus leads to interruption of
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some work in library reading every year and I think the teachers have been
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" the Empress of the West." But little, if at all, and that only
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caustic. Should, however, caustic be I tion had placed him sufficiently under the
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for a month or two, to insure recovery ; and they always present