in encephaloid, owing to its vascular character; but when oc-
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did a trachelorrhaphy and posterior colporrhaphy, practiced curettage,
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colon was adherent to tl»c tumor, and an opening' from
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in substance, that the question is purely a practical one,
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imtil consideration has been given to the possibili^ of
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ony of the monthly meetings of the Aesculapian Society
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culatory balance is restored. It is extraordinary bow
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a patient is in the best interest of the patient and not in the
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wounds, incisions, and stabs; but fracture of the ribs has also produced
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who inquires for "the cow that gives the it is unfortunate but true that the
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of the scheme, but would wish the College of Physic Ian »
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of 4,1G6 cases of typhus and relapsing fever on April 3. Its particular
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assistant. The child was a boy, at maturity, well proportioned, of average size,
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often much better by inserting a loose plug of cotton in the ear. This
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spondentblatt fur Schweiier Aertte, No. 0, 1912. Henoch, Lehrbuch drr Kinder-
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throughout the entire portion shown. Auricular rate 375. During the long
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may receive it from without. The first of these two classes of cases, or
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guinea-pig of a certain weight in a certain time. The strength of the cura-
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knife. Each application should be of the size of a shilling, and of
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accumulation. When we have reason to believe that enlargement of the
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parents for a set of braces. He thought that where an opera-
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ture, for the reasons given, made ample and equal provision
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hypodermic injections of cocaine ; he soon got delusions of persecution,
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but if not, the leeches, after a few hours, may be repeated As
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or scarlet fever, recent blood loss or other cause of secondary anaemia, and
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As regards the secondary palsies, it is difiicult to see how
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monly in the aortic zone; they are probably not due to chronic valvulitis,
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not infrequently found in the same condition during life. In
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Table 4 and Chart 7 illustrate the development of influenza cases
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admitted under Besnier. A large ulcer, 2 inches in diameter, was present on the fore-
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Gastric atid Duodenal Ulcer}^ — No differentiating characteristics
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sterilize a suppurating pleural cavity is no new idea (Beck's paste
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same subject at the special request of our President. I de-
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Goodell, formerly of Ashland, Mass., are now associated in practice at Lincoln,
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is acute in its nature. On valvular lesions it exercises no influence.