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life of the patient had been saved solely by the veratrum

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Philip Ricord, M. D., — born in 1810 at Baltimore, Md, — died in

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Mindful of the latter's assertion that wood could be

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There is still a dearth of occupation in many of our institutions for

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this time till liis death, which occurred in 1888 from an abdominal

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was a detached circular room, of about eighteen feet diameter.

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desired to show that respiratory insufficiency is not a simple,

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disease, in November of last year, at a time, too, when the severe cold of

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heart failure seemed to threaten her life at any moment. The

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adopted by British Surgeons, may not have been without its influence ; and possibly

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might occur, this usually being very mild in character and lasting often

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the country. The chiefs of service are men of more than local reputa-

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7. Pyrrhol Cell : These cells were first recognized as a distinct entity by

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It is important to emphasize in this regard that the

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The cystitis, due to organisms other than tubercle bacilli, is less severe

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(1) Simple tumours or cysts where there is no respiratory obstruc-