tion, whereas the prefix homceo is derived from the Greek homoios
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then develop subsequently curious sequelae of inability
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worked out by Engelraann.^ With many of his conclusions I disagree
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kidney calculus by injection of thorium into the pelvis of the kidney.
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The full report of the autopsy, which we give below,
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which practically destroyed the independent function
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blished agents in the different parts of the Union, by authorizing them
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has been in operation three months. A special team of department
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for the mistake than frankly to perceive that it is a fault.
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acter of the stools, which become sterile. By the combined
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1. The addition of ox-bile in large quantities to the media favours
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twenty-two inches long, nearly an inch in diameter at the
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had sntVered more than usual and ha<l kept her bed as much as
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vast lumber-room of remedies — the Invalides for Drugs ! Some of the
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flammatory nature.'^^ Sometimes the contents of the sheath
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ration of taking out the sternal extremities of two of the false ribs, on
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Symptomatology.— The symptomatology of entamoebic dysentery
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"There!" he exclaimed, " I told you so. Infernal means ' relating to
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the harder to eftect a cure. Still, even where no cure was pos-
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cheap, and efficient method of purifying water, except when it con-
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the vicious system so often maintained in connection with the appointment
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into the neighbourhood of nerves which are the seat of pain. The combina-
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years after. In addition to these last two cases, replies have come from
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from the wound would wash it out, concentrating it near the
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ventricle, or w4iether it comes through the usual channels from the
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pearly whiteness, as in cases of atrophy of the optic nerve, and its
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taken for the preservation of public health. There has
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fever. We have received the report of the commissioners of emigration
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they were strictures of the membranous portion, as the majority of them
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The American dentist will be much astonished at the want of attention
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worms are usually solitary, but several have been observed in the same
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chart. Fig. 2) ; on March 6th to 68 per cent. ; on March 13th
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should constitute a minimum of the acquirements possessed by every
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for a few days, when suddenly the symptoms of obstruction re-