weight sustained by the tissues of the column which actual-

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Present state (January, 1899). — The patient is a woman,

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we became acquainted with two other reasons for a lessened reactivity to

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soda, hydrate of chloral, trichloracetic acid, and trichloracetate of soda on frogs,

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direct mental attitude. The best talker — /. c, the one who makes

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exist, either because of some constitutional idiosyncrasy or of some state

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time may be due, especially in children, to fulminating appendicitis,

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evaporated, a yellowish, non-crystalline residue, with the odor characteristic of

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An instructive paper might be written on the subject

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in diabetics suffering from gastric or renal disorders. Sumbul occasionally

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Infant Diet. By A. Jacobi, M.D. Revised, enlarged and adapted to

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» This was strikingly illustrated by the epidemic of typhus fever

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to give it in the form of a sherbert along with the " dahi'' for the early

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took a subnormal dip to 97.1° in 5 days, and reached normal

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The University of Dorpat. — Upon the first of Sep-

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1S63. A peasant lad then 16 years of age applied on account

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cians in those early days to receive pupils, boarding, and sometimes

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tendency to be too cautious in these cases, but when

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not a few of the supposedly essential hemorrhages — hemorrhages with-

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nitrogenous interchange that is best for the efficiency, economy,

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Searcy. Pre medical education, Hendrix College, Con-

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avoid the wrong, and who sin through ignorance. Still, in

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was readily accessible from the lawn. Mrs. A was exceptionally kind

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ated ; while of 75 samples of drup, 32 were adulterated.

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for the prognosis of ovariotomy. Inflammations of the inner 8ur£Eice

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gross injustice. The records of Chicago's health are in themselves

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lymph glands, and kidneys showed no evidence of tuberculosis.

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small quantities of chicken broth ; frequent mustard stupes to the feet ; the

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and depends upon the extent to which the degenerative

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established, certainly none too high when it bars entrance to

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to the care of an experienced hand. It would be impossible to