fully established, it keeps the joints stiff and sore for weeks

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For the first, many kinds of urethrotomes have been

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turn-key adj (1927): built, supplied, or installed complete and ready to operate

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rabbits. The details of the experiments are not given. Immunization led to

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ward to the left optic thalamus, which was softened. Optic chiasm and tracts

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Irish-American ; medium-sized. This was her fourth child.

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boy of three years, a patient in Dr. Curtis' district, we applied leeches

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of the wood lodged beneath the nail of the left index finger. This occurred

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forable — in fact it was regarded as a death warrant to the subject ; and Dr. Armstroof;,

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peculiarities enable us to trace the origins and history

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the human body, that disease was more prevalent, and I doubt very

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taken too often, something is being constantly done, doses are

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practising physician to be able to refer to at a glance. The

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as we do, the superlative merits of Holler's Cod-liver Oil, and even the

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The floor had never once been washed," writes the Austrian Surgeon, Dr.

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the inflammatory products in this situation are not retained to be removed

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Doctor of Medicine to be conferred on Dr. John Gray, of Mystic

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cut out, about four-fifths of an inch. This resected

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