Motion of hip: Flexion, 16 degrees; abduction, 10 degrees; external
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as embracing several forms. More or less complete coma characterizes some
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Paraplegia. — This is a paralysis of the lower half of the body,
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frequently limited to the parts to which the suffering nerve is distributed.
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paper. They were both transferred by our friend Dr, J. Thomson to
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noticeable effect of even large doses of both drugs is a greater ten-
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atmosphere actually favours the growth of the lower vege-
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The case appeared to be one that would brook no delay. The tumour
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whole time he had no more or other general disturbance of his
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tranal.: Mouvement hyg., Brux., 1891, vii, 56; 101; 144;
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cles are nimierous, or become so in progress of time, and the constitution
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Zealand, South Africa, West Africa, the Azores, St. Helena, and, until the
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anything else to prevent the diarrheal diseases of infancy. In my
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by a midwife in her third confinement. After a normal labour the
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drinking of water increases the quantity of milk, and in like
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Elevator Attendant. — Apparent age, 35 years. Is he competent to run elevator ? Yes.
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it of the bacilli in the effusion. Courmont believes that this also holds
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furnished a case of typhoid fever. During these years nine localities fur-
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amounts of tuberculin produced within the tuberculous focus. When
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things that may occur to you, in an operation and after
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vaso- motor action. There is no need to evoke a cerebral vaso- motor
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often arrest diarrhea. As the drug is free from all odor and
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occurs at 35 degrees C. in from two to seven days, in the
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eases, pregnancy, criminal abortion, infanticide, rape, insanity and
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iv, 197 pp., iv, 19 1., 3 tab., port. 8'^. New Fork,
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Ernest Clarke, M.D., B.S. Lond., Surgeon to the Central London
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odor. If the secretion be copious and purulent, the blackish-green
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life quickly. Cases have terminated fatally in 36 hours. As a rule, the
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upon which he would have liked to have heard mqre detail. One was,
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the abnormal process as soon as possible, but tc^'arrest it ; for I am