on the tissues of the gland, not through the central nervous
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time the intervals are shorter, and the attacks become annual,
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Of the diseases affecting the nervous system, the greater part relate to
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respiration were normal at the beginning, but toward the
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tered throughout the entire length of the middle intestine, pressing toward the
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fellowship ; and all bachelors, or licentiates, in me-
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observation of the inhibition which a heated serum exerts on specific
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sustained. The food must therefore be taken in small quantities
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woman is found in text-books, addresses, and papers
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lated delusion may be absent, though in some cases present and arising
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> to hours, depending on the strength of tlie solar rays
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the morning. She was subject to epilepsy at night, and a paroxysm oc-
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sionally proven efficacious. It was often, however, dan-
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ovary immediately over it, and this during a menstrual epoch.
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and practiced there until 1944, when he joined the staff
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write what I pleased and he would sign it. Shortly after I went to
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compared with blocking of the middle or other cerebral
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motion in the joint, but it was very sensitive. The pain was constant
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antbropologique du jieuple Khmer. Ibid.. 416-425 - von
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answer as being as yet not justified by the facts in
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consists of a simple saline solution, the contractility first grows
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from endoiuetritis, as shown by menstrual disturbances, leucorrhoea, and
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