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1 In the preparation of this article I gratefully acknowledge much valuable help
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which are given in the protocols in which no such allowance is
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to any extent ; the arm was, however, from the first, quite powerless.
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of infection by the encysted larva is made postmortem.
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nitric acid dissolves the precipitate to a certain degree. If after
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the cervix uteri, where the hsematometra would be opened, is
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to success in treating headaches. If the headache can be traced
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'■) Sterilized water, or boro-salicylic acid solution (I to 6 to 500) is em-
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Cancer Society and the Medical and Health Services Council of
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Dr. T. More Madden expresses himself in the following
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Avhich, perhaps, have contributed towards this opinion : first, that rheu-
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views of their pathogenesis, contain but a single one which
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though the probabilities are against it, I think we are
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mot, M. D., &c. London: Churchill, 1855. Pamphlet, pp. 16.
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In the following case, improvement and recovery took place after all treat-
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leaden or rather silver alembic, the pipe of which fits into a bottle
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or cure the disorder in about 20% of patients. Usually,
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Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, 1991 edition, Chicago: Joint
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Wood, Mr. T. 0., on some of the ill effects of bromide of potassium 103
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culties, also, which from their nature would so embarrass every step
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