the preparation of Dr. Elias's paper and of its logical arrangement.

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in the thermostat, in the course of twenty-four hours the

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sick, or well, will produce the most deadly forms of typhoid and ship-fever in a few

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intermittents, remittents, jaundice, and continued fever.

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being very abundant before the physican is consulteil. The dis-

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of the patients were near term, the rest were within three

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total of 97 cases in all. There were no fatal cases.

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and Gazette, Jan. 17, 1880, and Medical News and Abstract, April, 1880.

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place, the movements of respiration, the weight of the clothing, or

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Raymond, who found it frequently on the pubes of women, it is due to a

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exercise of our faculties be regulated with a due regard to the

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pure air enters ; for the air which leaves the mine is

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patient refuses a more formal operation, aspiration followed by the

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pieces over, which doubtless makes the test a little

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the scaleui and the diaphragm are intimately associated in tlieir action

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at their helm, who is exercising great energy for the

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tological research, by exhibiting to us that inflammation is in truth a

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encourage young medical men whose bent and inclinations lie in

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was complete aphonia. On examination be waft found not to be paralyzed ; but

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67° -9° = 58° F. = the dew-point. Now the weight of vapour per cubic foot con-

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ena. Not only bleeding but salivation was a resource for induc-

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definite plans for the advancement of rural sanitation in North Carolina

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^Etiology. — ^The causation of verruga peruviana is quite unknown.

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vestigated an epidemic of scarlet fever in the Soldiers' and

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is of opinion that they depend upon some toxic condition in the blood,

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adhesions and old deposits in the bronchial glands, so frequently

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will stand it, this may be doubled or even trebled. It is sometimes a good

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ridden or hysterical patients. Little need be said on

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we believe to have been their real pathological nature, as well from

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of renal epithelium in all. Bouffe de St. Blaise sums up the histological

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show the very low rate of mortality from this opera-

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In cases suspected of having tuberculosis, sputum, if obtainable,,

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" Of 25 cases, 14 were of the right side, 11 of the left. Of the 14

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