reference to coloring matter in cheese, based on the act of June
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0"5(j. Compare tliis with the usual figure of once in every 'SO to
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ment. It is hardly necessary to specify in regard to
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Dioscorides," in Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiet der klassischen Altertums-Wissenschaft. Wilhelm
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processes by which one could isolate plutonium from
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patients arc seized with an undefined feeling of anxiety and disquiet
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min. Bismuth, calomel, carbolic acid, and ice were all
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Seasons of the Year.— This was the subject of a paper
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poultices of oatmeal or flaxseed, brine baths, sweat baths,
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diflcultades que suelen presentarse en esta capital para
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Of measles,! — catarrh, 1 — inflajniuation in tliehowels, 1 — scarlet fever, 5 — stoppage in the bowels, 1 —
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lecture at the lyceum, which he declared he heard with great pleas-
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than in that of many of the well-known " idiosyncrasies ; "
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With regard to the other invisible spectrum, which is composed
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enough, the patient may be able to inhale it. The steam atmosphere is
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and Bottcher, other organs also, as the liver, kidneys, intestinal mu-
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likely to afford the required material— in short, that pva?mia
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ter ; therefore multiply the number of c.c. of permanganate solution by 0.005,
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the child did not appear to suffer from it, becoming
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disease, in November of last year, at a time, too, when the severe cold of
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ly prepared food, and food of a bad quality, with no margin of
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instruments and bichloride of mercury tablets — which
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after the lower centres are further advanced than the
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cumcision. Dr. Taylor was then requested to investi-
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into any of the preceding categories. A lady student of medicine re-
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portant a part, aij^rooably to the notions of Paracelsus, who
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liable to be repeated several times within a limited period. Epileptic
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C. Dabney, of University of Virginia ; Report on Sur-
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whether it agreed with or was opposed to medical authorities. I came
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in adults the latter are often unaccompanied by pyrexia. This may be
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Practically, the perineal l)and had been abandoned,
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importunate, I give small doses — 1/32 to 1/16 grain —
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It is only when this spirit is carried to extremes — when it runs into
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E reposes to divide scirrhus into three kinds ; viz., the lardaceous, the
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at all the impression is usually conveyed that they re-
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California School of Medicine, and I thoroughly enjoy
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