hours the treatment does not provoke any troublesome symp-

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ness to pressure behind and above the ear, which de-

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blood which has been autoclaved should fail to support growth of

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For myself, being Physician to only a provincial Hospital

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in case of weakness for an early breakfast, or for a traveler before starting

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increased supply of blood to active organs is brought about by in-

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Diarrhea in foals and calves is often attended with seri-

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ne^r the root of the lung, and associated with them is a syphilitic

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very rarely requisite. Professor Gross says of it : —

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bed which he is to occupy throughout the entire course of

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the patient has been long deaf of one ear before any attack ; occasionally it hap-

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or more of these dairies receive milk from any one farm, an investiga

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poses, a registration of the causes of death : be it

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the right esophageal plexus toward the stomach, he found that the nerve-

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istic form it is unmistakable and readily recognised, but in its less developed

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parts represented in that part of the arm area nearest to the

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mation about a much larger proportion of this group of patients.

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regularly and freely open, and to promote a due determination to the

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Potato Starch. The tubers are washed and peeled, usually

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They are also supported by the arteries and veins which enter

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the genius of Pasteur, fermentation has been shown to be

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branes of the mouth, nose, throat, rectum and colon.

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by disease, and which terminate fatally by ajmcea, are oedema of

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haxl maxle autopsy the lungs were scarcely inflated at all.

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nomena sometimes appear to depend upon comparatively

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Ronald D. Cotterel, M.D. and Daljeet S. Rai, M.D., Section Editors