for granting a parchment to a book-bioding dentist, &c. &c. The Ohio
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sensory surface toward the cardiac reactions as well as to other organic
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vol. 17, p. 265.) This case confirms the observation of Dr. Donovan, that
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At this time the professorship of pathologic anatomy became
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an incalculable number of these germs in all stages of development, and if
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as he considered he surpassed every medical authority who had
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velopment of Animals through Alternate Generations ; a
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Placing the patient as for the operation of lithotomy, I passed my entke
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ocean — and sit between contending armies, and steal our way thro' wildest
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surgery Research Fellowship Training, National Institutes
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dia and greater than first-degree block; 3) bronchial asthma; 4) congestive heart failure (see WARN-
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an important excretory organ, is certainly well worthy of considera-
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times the enlargement is only moderate, up to the size of a cherry, but with
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fact that he lost a considerable amount of cerebrospinal
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Fig. 1. — Paiasites of the pigmented malignant quotidian (MarchiaJa r oa
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of Coley's fluid is justifiable in cases of inoperable sarcoma, especially
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We agree with Dr. S. Holmes, in the opinion advanced by him
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The New York Polyclinic— Dr. Carl Koller, formerly of
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and more to prove the correctness of this assumption."
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plained the cases under discussion. In some the mental
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must confess, have caused me no little worry and seem to be hopeless
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These experiments show that part of the drug remains in the blood stream for a
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Nov. 1, 1963. Phone Chestnut 2—1080 or Chestnut 2—
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of vomiting. It is more frequent and more persistent than in similar
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scientific investigators ; others pursue there a course of instruc-
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(6) Hepatic, peri-hepatic, or peri-nephritic abscess,
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sufficient to draw blood, as in the rules for vaccination.
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ligament to his liver, though the vein of which it is a relic never
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as efficacious as this. In one set of 40 cases, of which
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the unlicensed practice of medicine were not to come for over 100 years. Standards set by the
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surgery, and midwifery, were duly admitted to practise
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affect the numbers to a considerable degree, still they do not
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by the Royal Med. and Chirurg. Soc. of London, vol. xxvi., 1861.