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Diazo reaction present when he treated the case for typhoid fever.

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has given origin to what is called bacteriological thera-

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in this institution. His brilliancy and worth as a teacher were soon recognized, and

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offense, and with a practical financial advantage to themselves.

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case of subacute peritonitis which followed gastrotomy, the prominent

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head, if the patient be standing or sitting; if lying, we elevate the arm to its

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The Spearfish family physician earned Diplomat status

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fissure could be detected by physical examination ; but such con-

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Medicine and Surgery, the President of the American Medical Asso-

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ible after each attack is comparatively easy. The same

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The Effectiveness of Salk Vaccine in Wisconsin __ 462

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To my own mind, indeed, the whole train of events has always

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of the bullae sometimes become hemorrhagic. The lesions

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here a distinct eruption, consisting of small, irregular spots, of a

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PI. XI, figs. 8-11; Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum, Vol. XVIII, p. 520.

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different location. The centroid on the CCD array represents the physical location on

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cent.) are more powerful paralyzants to the sensory nerves,

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sions were reached by Rudnew.* In one of my specimens the tumor was

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articles which, although they may be creditahle to their authors, are