culosis in such animals frequently makes fibrous, often
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A tablespoonful in water every liour, while the parox-
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activity of the tongue, no longer restrained by timidity, by the fear of talk-
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and was thought to be the distended gall-bladder. The
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point is the vomiting of stercoraceous matter which is notably
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as it remains there. When it is going to be very windy the leech swims very
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postural method of draining the peritoneal cavity. This
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do duty as an of&ce for the quartermaster-sei^eant and his assistant,
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moved in a direction parallel with the sides of the bed or cot (if upon
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features. The large as well as the small bowels are liable
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The pain is accompanied usually with a sense of distension of the
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It is difficult to say how far the hepatic congestion in these cases is
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rehabilitation so as to regain their highest possible level
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but had not, he believed, met with the proper recognition
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the index of authors has been made so large. Thus, in an ab-
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Peyer's patch, or only portions of a patch. It has usually a yellowish color
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ueuaOy two or three small hepato-cystic ducts entering the
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honored explanation on the basis of regurgitation, I have examined
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Among civilised nations do we observe a noble effort to enlarge the founda-
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is caused by enlargement of the arteries ; and this enlargement is the
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upon one of the Sertularidae, the vibrating contents of the tubular axis had a
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then inoculated on rabbits. The rabbits were killed
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for the alcoholic habit, returns to the use of liquor. He is of the opinion that
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"Today, according to the Cleveland Medical Journal, the
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Administration. — Croton oil may be placed on the tongue
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