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From the first to the fourth month diarrheal diseases steadily increase in de-
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ren Behandlung. Wien. Klinik, 1884. x, 73-116.— Weiss
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makes a strong appeal on account of the large population of that
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with this neuralgia be, that excision of the nerve has been
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northward and southward, a smaller valley running cross-wise
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when ripe. It contains a yellow medullary pulp, which, when
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l .he careful mode of preparation ensures exactness, so indispensable, while the coating protects them
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Injections of 12 to 15 grains of quinine have now been
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In small doses it produces a paretic condition of the spinal
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increased by nervousness, and are not under the control of the
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service. The proportion of patient-days referred for those
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conglomerated tuberculous granula. Tubercles may be present in other parts
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a band, in a slit in the omentum, or beneath the attached appendix.*
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limited number of these scholarships were issued. They were distributed
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the Urethra and of Stricture." Since then I have h:id
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Fig. 3. — The parasites embedded in the mucous membrane of the
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having whitish contents and more or less inflammatory areolse ;
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Improved from this time, and was dismissed January 5th.
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complied with. So far as external ornamentation is con-
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and friends. Narcotic drug diseases, however, seems to have originated
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eruption following radiotherapy does not differ much
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where. Especially is this due to the frequent occurrence of broncho-
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> to hours, depending on the strength of tlie solar rays
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Numerous and well-authenticated statistics, as well
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I have already remarked that most cases in which pain is referred to the