ated surface an inch and a half long, an inch wide,
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appHcation of its blades on the head so clothed, he was obhged to
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Barsony (.1.) Maceralt sziilesek 6s befolyiisuk a gyer-
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Synonym. — Acide plienique cru, Fr.; rohe carbolsaure, G.
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hospitals and the doctors, figure out how to make it
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dominant ideas, whether originating spontaneously or suggested by the
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day. Tlie crusts are granular, and are rarely followed by cicatrices or pitting.
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set, but not too close to take liquid food and medicine.
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aorta and in the aortic valves leading at length to aortic regurgitation.
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has been touched. The chest, which is large, rises and falls
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powers of nature. It suggests the curious question — To what
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tendo Achillis and tlie use of ai)pro|)riiite meciianical
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he begins always by free venesection and an active purge ; he follows
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spondentblatt fur Schweiier Aertte, No. 0, 1912. Henoch, Lehrbuch drr Kinder-
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ish color; and in one of Kaposi's cases there were found upon autopsy
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verted into heat. This will be shown in absorption phe-
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a half in its transverse diameter, and is rolled longitudinally into one end
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to the city. Dr. Francis B. Bishop, of Washington, D.C., responded
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are senseless value judgments which society tries from time to time
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bone. The result showed conclusively that calculi composed of oxalate
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This is a congenital affection, and may be occasioned by occlu-
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hours and was left for burial, while the rest of the sick were
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middle life, rarely in childhood or old age. They occur most ftiequently
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which I think commences in the transverse muscles of the abdomen. —
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Assistant Surgeon St. George's Hospital. (" Proceedings" of Royal Medical
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passed a judgment on the case, upon the assertions of
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them a peculiar odour. It stains the skin and other organic substances
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In relation to the morbid anatomy, the quantity of exudation, amounting
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Poisoning by Antimony. — A woman, the wife of a puddler
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nary, when compared to the same on the opposite side. T or-
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active and protracted loss of body-heat. When at rest or
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is needed in a book intended for the character of use for which this is