M-hich may be anything from a cancer or tuberculosis cachexia to a

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amount of fever, a peculiar tint of the skin, bleedings from the

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1868.] lUport an Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 251

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its value has been demonstrated and I believe I am safe

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sert that in all of these cases there was no decussation of

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Societies of the Counties of Albany, Cortlandt (annual),

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be active, insignificant, or absolutely none. Double pneumonia is, however,

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third day, and that they be not left to slough out, as so

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ture of the rectum rose slowly, and in fifteen minutes, stood at 40°. 5 C, showing a rise

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of groups of tumours upon the pleural surfaces, more especially

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suffered not a drop of the injection to pass. No doubt was,

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walled vessels are also noted. The above findings (Figure

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Lincoln, Nebraska, February, 1920, xviii. No. 2, p. 63), who also

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is lessened by the complete division of the palatine aponeurosis.

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Certainly fusion plays no part in this type of rase, which should yield

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risen about the time I was called in, was left untouched at my request.

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tarnishing. The term ' test ' is decidedly improper, since there are numerous

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census in the year ending June 1, 1880, was enormous. Now, using the same

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chlorids were again excreted and the quantity of urine increased.

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ferior, external and internal recti, and superior and in-

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infection in the mouth and pharynx were removed; if at the

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so, others more rarely. This being a fact, can any one doubt the impor-

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Apothecaries' Measure.— Multiply 7.68 by the number of

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admitted to the retina. By it, the cavity containing the

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In this way a more rapid convalescence is secured, a chronic fistula

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the upper end of the tibia, present a special anatomical predisposition. In the

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There can be little doubt that this case was one of dropsy of the