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The rust of iron is produced by the action of the particles of the
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much critical information as possible ought to be obtained in regard to
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The cases cited above are only examples of the various groups
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artery, and name its brandies and the parts to which they
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Dr. Weist says that when he applied the plaster dressing in
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" Bellevue," so far as is known to the writer, still has a
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and the transverse colon, with possible diverticuli of the large bowel. An opera-
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flattened, and if the haemorrhage has been considerable the brain is anaemic.
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A Cellar which opens inside a dwelling should be kept as
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veins, and a passage of bloodyiinucus from the intestine. But, grad-
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disease. The back of the neck is often rigid, so that the patient seems to
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Those of the mid-brain, on the other hand, appear first predominantly in
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selves, produced by the presence of a foreign body. In either
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(F. C. U.') and the palmaris longus (PL) and ventral to the ulnaris (VI), the
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