day he rode on horseback to the residence of Mr. Thos. L.
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the tricuspid, the second by the aortic, insufficiency. The venous tone was, there-
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Manganese, of the official strength of the Syrup of the Iodide of Iron.
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not willing to affirm that it was not a case of murder.
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All of you are, no doubt, familiar with the value of the first sign, or
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bolic acid, but it is better if it will hold at least 5 c.c. (85
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Fig. z53. — Erysipelas ambulans. Woman aged 50. Recovery.
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followed. Menstruation appeared two days later with much
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relieved of all unnecessary weights, belts and cloth-
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brain. There were some scattered petechial haemorrhages over
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ing as samples of the causes of death, as set down by the
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the condition of internal urticaria as an explanation of cer-
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Misee. 15 drops to be taken 3 times a day in a little water.
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Sec. 4. Five members of the Executive Council in meeting shall
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It is not my object to give details of methods to be
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would not have given the matter much thought, but his symptoms being
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from five to seventy-eight years. In the progress of this
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reports, ' he is attended by a number of four-wheeled cars drawn by mules,
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An imsoaked herring is a well-known popular remedy, and may, per-
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Reports from other places indicate good health, in-
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practicable. The diet is to consist of two ounces of white bread and
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blood from the second rabbit serves for injection into a third rabbit, which
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cirrhosis hemorrhages are usually a late manifestation and small; they are
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were used, to mitigate or control the horrible spasms; also chloral hydrate and bromide
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increased to more than ten times the normal amount and that
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versity the public cheerfully pays all expenses, reads the
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insurance companies. He was appointed temporary Lieutenant