It is difficult to see how any germ or spore of anthrax, or of any other

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increased in size. A certain increase in its size had also been noticed

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others are inter-hemispherical or commissural, such as the corpus callosum

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first time, distinct evidence of pleural effusion ; and

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though, as Professor Huxley stated, his opponent wrote

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Cutaneous Tuberculin Reaction. — With the aid of the Von Pir-

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doing which must vary according to the circumstances of the case, and

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case be not cured, but appears to have become stationary, proceed

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ciety de Chirurgie de Paris had confirmed their atti-

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made a discovery — he took advantage of the property of sul-

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a powerful illuminator. These cases should have a careful

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I think there are certain conditions which prevail in

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the disease, need some difference as to the climate which is best

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His gums were very spongy, and his teeth loose, but no ulcer-

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and have the teachers' part of the card as well as the medical in-

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mation about a much larger proportion of this group of patients.

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light as a cork,'' and, t5rdly, increased temporary power which

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teenth year following the first operation which was

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ence in fifty cases. Am. J. M. Sc.. Phila.. 1891, n.s., < ii,

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membrane and connective tissue. — Billroth. There is also, in most cases,

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cially as the vibrations are not manual but electric. The

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still largely retains. The latter can be said to be

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de Paction physii>logitiue et i b6rapenti(iue de la

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of organic disease rather than of functional. By the time one

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output and the acidity — achlorhydrics showing relatively

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25 ; in Lebreton's and Magdelaine's 10.8 instead of 12 ; in Moizard's

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69. Microscopic Appearance of Miliary Tubercle (after Jones and Sieveking), 209

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mends the subcutaneous injections of the salts of morphia in hysteria, whenever

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1. It is very gradual ; fasciculi after fasciculi in the muscles

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To these pathologico-physiological conditions of the

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diseases in Xew York, of which 45.405 would be syph-

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they suggested the possibility that they come through the intestinal

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interest have been exemplified by cases which have come under