voluntary movements which so often precedes confirmed chorea (Jaccoud).

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the " aphasia " that depends upon lesions in the left side of the brain,

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cases are more suitable for excision of the joint, and which may be

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the remedies particularly recommended were biniodide of mer-

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in the technic. Optic atrophy is not a contraindication, in fact, it may be bene-

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diarrhceal diseases, whoopins eouRh, erysipelas and fevers), 3ii4,

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- Health care, rights and the Wizard of Oz (Correll)

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times be peeled off, and the remainder be left ; but the prudent man

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but few cases occurring , but during the next spring, it made its appearance

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a small spot covered with a few branny scales, too small

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and ventricles. The heart continued to beat with regularity and vigor for near one hour,

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country. " For the last twelve months he has been subject to

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â– day before he dispensed them. The Judge, after referring to

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for certain symptoms, and, as such, demand treatment, nor

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play the part of a protective sphincter. When summoned to

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descending course of life. It is not surprising, therefore, that the disease

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tain the presence of any remarkable amount of neutral sulphates in

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for certain wounds. Dry dressings are best for fresii. as

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administered hypodermically March i, 1895. The ani-

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Without expressing any opinion as to the policy of such a

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The numbers refer to the following flours made by :

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In addition to the requirements of accreditation and

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laterally, and communicating with the duodenum by the fistulous tract 2 cm.

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year will be received, after examination by the Depart-

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prover particularly, from his never having experienced tooth-ache

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posteriorly in the upper third of the interscapular space, over the left supra-

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were free of any eruption. The cheeks were always free of punctate

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