was twenty-nine years of age, and a graduate of the Uni-
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We do not overlook the possibility of rise of temper-
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lishing cheap, though not free, baths and washing-houses
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altitude of seven thousand feet in the northeast to
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nothing is more apparent than the determination of each individ-
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to the front all right if it is given plenty of time. (2)
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do better than to call or send their orders to 199 Main street.
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following are the more important constituents : 1, corniitine,
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if necessary with quinine and other tonics. The necessity of avoid-
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If we add that the author's treatment of the matter and methods
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Jerom* E. Kronsnoble and William E. Herte, Representatives
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Apr. 7. Tonsils slightly reduced; less ragged in appearance. Adenoids show
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quirements of each individual case, and the restora-
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extreme agitation ; and sleep has much less effect in stopping it than in
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Dr. Jonathan Mann died on Juno ir)th at Boston. He gradu-
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of the birth-rate upon the sex and age distribution of the
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Governor’s Conference Room at the State Capitol, at
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inflammation is fairly lighted up, the respiration is attended with a
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For several years it was confined to eastern and cen-
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tury began in disorder and commotion ; restlessness,
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lo liie muaolos attached to the femur. Such a condition would of
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Shaw M'Laren showed Schlagintweit's cystoscope. — Dr. J. V. Pater-
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Medico-chirurgical Transactions of London, which bear some
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jgeneral habits, and early resting and rising, with exercise in the open air
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tum, the individual made an effort to scoop out the indurated fteces. His
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On March 14, 1903, just two months after the first operation, the left
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the forehead under the hat-band. According to Crocker, come-
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ilie appointing of physicians to pronounce upon their
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child died fourteen months later of cholera infantum,
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of the organ. The etiology is obscure. The symptomatology
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disease of the hip-joint, a high state of inflammation, possibly, ac-
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a bronchus, which may be perforated and a cure effected by discharg-
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"Cholera has been classed amongst zymotic diseases; but its
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