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If of a seborrhocic type, first the removal of the scales by means of
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I have used the word " cure " in connection with valvu-
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under the skin. In three hours the temperature had risen to
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pseudo-fibrinous matters were allowed to escape through the
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are reddened; appetite diminishes, but animal chew^s constantly;
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fluid is absent, there is still a little doughy feeling
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nineteen in each. In the first group the ordinary treat-
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ness and prevention of disease during the approaching summer, have been
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be secured. The trouble here again is to make it effective by having
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rity, it mull be from thence inferred, that gonorrhoea was at
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last word has been spoken on the subject of ovariotomy.
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adequate explanation of her condition can be found.
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Treatment. — There is no satisfactory treatment. Try
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about the umbilicus, it radiates in different directions, remits and inter-
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closing the systems and shortening the tube-length.
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either in the pharynx, palate, or tongue, excepting
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were extensive areas of pigmented and atrophic skin in the abdomen and
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could well afford to enlarge his book in order to make some of his directions
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several years ; and nearly all of the latter class had passed the period which
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understand it. It is to be hoped that the book will be
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the College, and the drawing-knife substituted ; which
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No one passing through the malaria wards of any general hospital
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By the use of the bath, the necessity for bandages, plaster, etc., is
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in the Homoeopathic United States Medical Journal. He says: "We want
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may be increased, abnormal sounds may be present due to the rapid
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that some people can. on retiring, think hard enough
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normal, with the exception of bruit, which was heard over sterno-
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to the gravity of the prognosis. Tricuspid regurgitation is very common, but